Team Paralysis

Bad choices. Endless bickering. Lost opportunities. Wasted time. Do your teams suffer from any of these? If so, your organisation is not alone. Many teams trip over common obstacles while making crucial strategic choices. For example, members hit an impasse because they can't look beyond their own group's interests to see what's best for the organization overall. Or they never clarify who's accountable for which decisions, and thus repeatedly revisit their choices. Or they don't know how to work through conflicts constructively, so discussion degenerates into personal attacks.

Team Effectiveness

It is a common misconception that team effectiveness is soley a function of the team's leaders role. In reality many teams in business today are formed as ad hoc units responding to an immediate business need. These teams are often cross-functional and without a clear leader. Each member is called upon to be a situational leader, as skills or expertise demand, and equally a follower when the locus of leadership shifts within the team. In effect, the effectiveness of the team is down to the personal leadership of each team member.

Team facilitation

NewCo assists organisations by providing team facilitation for those crucial project or for team such as transformational change. We have assisted organisation project teams to achieve challanging goals and worked with teams not only cross functional in nature but from seperate organisation tasked with post merger integration and strategic planning.

Team effectiveness programs

We also provide team leadership programs for more permanent teams. Here, we focus on building personal leadership of the individual memeber and equip members with tools to enable effective situational leadership. These programmes are tailored to to the specific context of the team and often include a few periodic reviews to ensure a sustainable outcome.