Effective leadership requires perspective and understanding, and, if equipped with the right tools leaders can develop valuable insight.

True insight fosters conviction and commitment to execute and motivtates individuals. With insight, the right leadership tools and through highly effective internal and external interactions, and with a strong teaming capability, an organisation can stride toward its vision and goals.

Leadership is not just for leaders

2010 Business Outlook

Many business are looking to leverage what they and to recover form a period of low or, in many  cases, negative growth.

Organisations Need to sharpen the saw...

Effectiveness in ad hoc teams..

Leverage resources





Leadership Context

In all organisations, leadership is the driving force of the organisation and its strength and depth ultimately determine its sucess.

Leadership has hierarchical context and exists at all levels:

  • Organisational Leadership
  • Unit Leadership
  • Team Leadership
  • Personal Leadership

Personal Leadership

Personal leadership is the foundation of all other leadership contexts and without effective personal leadership an individual is unable to be effective in any other leadership context.

Personal leadership recognises that leadership itself is not a position or title, but an outlook on life and the role that one plays in the world. It involves living in balance and according to your own personal values and striding toward a personal vision.

Sustainable Leadership Power

Crucial to excellent Personal Leadership and therefore also a fundamental for all the other contexts of leadership are the following three components:

  1. Shared Business Understanding

Understanding the business drivers, the dynamics involved and the roles teams and individuals play to drive success

  1. Effective Interactions

Individuals equipped with the right tools for highly effective internal and external interactions.

  1. Team Effectiveness

Teams (ad hoc or functional) must work in a highlly effective manner and team working is an organisational competence.

The combined focus on these three elements and development of organisation-wide competencies for each of these delivers what we at NewCo refer to as Sustainable Leadership Power.