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NewCo specialise in building powerful leadership for your organisation. For more than 20 years, our team has worked with organisations all over the world, helping them to achieve their objectives and successfully grow their business.

We focus on working with people and teams to develop the skills of individuals and to provide them with tools specifically tailored to your organisation. We believe that leadership is a powerful capability that a broad range of people within an organisation should possess. When this capability is developed as an organisation-wide competence the changed behaviour delivers superior results eable the organisation to excel.

Our team

Our consultants are experts in all aspects of business management and have experience in leadership, negotiations, sales execution and competitive intelligence.

We have worked in all sectors including central government, local government, education, law, finance, management consultancy, pharmaceuticals, health, consumer goods, engineering, IT, publishing and content provision.

Our team as a combined entity has hunders of man years of esperience in leadership development and change management. Each of our consultants has been involved in senior management or executive roles and bring their personal experience and success to our client engagements. The team is supported by a rich set of methodologies and tools that NewCo has developed.